How to make a sports mobile app?

Having an app that is about or connected to sports betting today is something that helps many sports interested players. In this article, we thought we'd take a light look at what a mobile sports app needs and what you should consider if you want to create a sports app for your mobile or tablet.

What a mobile sports app needs—main features

There are some main features of the app itself that should be present for the best possible experience. For example, as it should benefit players, match news should be included in the app, along with a tab about updates within the specific matches that are currently playing.

The fact that the user can stream matches is also a great benefit, as the player will use the app to watch upcoming matches, while the app updates on new odds, new events in sports betting, updates on live matches and upcoming events and much more. A gift shop from the user's favourite team is also a smart idea. As a sports lover, what would you want in an app? Anything you could have used yourself will probably benefit other players too!

Live streaming

Live streaming is something that many users will definitely appreciate with the app. Most people who play sports betting also want to be able to watch the game, especially if it's live betting. The Bet365 UK app compares well with other bookmakers with a very broad line both for the top competitions and the less popular ones.

Reading what's happening in the sports market is an important part of staying on top of everything that's happening. By having a tab in the app that brings up the most important news regarding a particular sport or team that the user is interested in, is something that should be included in your app. Ideally, the user should be able to choose different topics, sports or teams that the news should focus on.


Offer guides or information about sports betting, where to play and much more. By doing this, you can also contact online casinos or sports betting websites and work as an affiliate for them. You can start play at casino

Gift shop from the player's favourite team

Offering a gift shop where the user can buy or exchange e.g. points for items or experiences linked to the player's favourite team, is not only a smart feature that attracts players - but also something that will be appreciated by users.

Social media

It doesn't matter what kind of market you're in anymore, having social media linked to your business can bring a ton of benefits. It's all about being aware of social media and its marketing. Different media work in different ways, but there are usually basic rules that every market follows. This can also help get younger audiences interested in the app or a specific sport.

Stay competitive - there's lots of competition out there. How are you unique?

There are many apps out there that focus on sports betting, what makes you unique? Having a specific niche is important when creating an app, no matter what genre or type of app it is. Think outside the box, what is it that no app has that your app has?

It could be the design, or certain features that are unique to your app. Or maybe you're focusing on a particular sport in sports betting and not the market in general. There are many ways that make your app special. Brainstorming and coming up with as many ideas as possible before you start is always a good idea, even if the ideas aren't the best! If it happens that only 1 idea is good, out of 10 bad ones, one idea is still good and it wouldn't have appeared at all if the bad ideas weren't also on the list.